Are You a Victim of a Defective Product?

Consumers, such as yourself, come across thousands of consumer products in the course of a day. The tools you use on a daily basis, your children’s toys, the tires on your vehicle, food that you eat from fast food restaurants, and your child’s bassinet or stroller are all consumer products. All these various products are there to make you daily activities more manageable but should also not cause a risk of serious injury to you, your family or your children.

All too often, the manufacturers and distributors of such products are more interested in making a quick dollar and not in making these products safe for ordinary use. For that reason, the federal government and local state governments pass consumer protection laws governing such products to hold the manufacturers and distributors of such defective products liable for injuries caused by the dangerous and defective products.

Successful Product Liability Lawsuits

An attorney representing a client that has been injured by a dangerous and defective product through a detailed analysis of the facts of the case, the manner of the products use, hiring experts to evaluate the reasons for the injury including lack of proper design or a defect in the assembly of the product.

When handling a defective products case, our lawyers immediately begin a thorough investigation, enlisting experts to analyze the facts for evidence of poor design or manufacturing defects and fully analyze the extent of the product defect and whether the manufacturer was aware of the defective design or defective manufacture of the product.

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are prepared to handle any and all types of product defect claims including but not limited to:

  • Dangerous pharmaceuticals including recalled pharmaceutical drugs
  • Defective car parts and accessories most often determined through an auto accident that include tire tread separation, seat back failure, defective braking systems, air bag malfunctions, and seat belt malfunctions.
  • Defective Child and Infant products including bassinets, pacifiers, baby bottles, baby toys, strollers, cribs and other infant items intended for use by youngsters unable to express faults with such products.