Happy 2015!

  • February 18, 2017
  • Kari J. Hanratty, Esq.

It’s a New Year! What does it mean to you? Did you make any resolutions? Even though we are not that far into the year, have you stuck to them?
January 1st not only marks the beginning of a new year, but also the beginning of something new for many of us. Whatever your resolutions are, eating healthy, keeping fit, saving money, traveling more, spending more time with your family, making time for yourself remember to keep them simple and address them when needed. Good luck!

Speaking of luck, how did you start the new year? Did you think what you ate would help you throughout the year. If you thought that what you eat on New Year’s Day was simply a matter of “that’s what I’ve always done” – you might be right. But, your tradition might be based on centuries of belief. Many cultures prepare New Year’s foods that are believed to influence good fortune. Here’s something interesting, during the time of the Pharaoh, black-eyed peas were a symbol of luck and good fortune. The belief was that those who ate black-eyes, an inexpensive and modest food, showed their humility and saved themselves from the wrath of the heavens because of the vanity they might have. Not the reason for many of us today, but is eating black-eye peas a tradition for you on New Year’s?

From all of us at Hanratty Law Group we wish you peace, health, love, happiness and prosperity this new year.
Happy 2015!

Kari J. Hanratty, Esq.