In an accident? LV injury Law Firm is your legal team for information and representation

  • February 18, 2017
  • Kari J. Hanratty, Esq.

In an accident? LV INJURY LAW is your legal team for information and representation.

While many southern Nevada law enforcement agencies do respond to non-injury car crashes, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police changed their protocol in 2014 and generally don’t respond to minor crashes.  If there is an injury, or major road obstruction, or the other driver is acting in a threatening manner or unwilling to exchange information, then LVMPD will respond if you call.

In cases with no officer present, it sometimes creates a  “my-word-against-yours” situation.  Here are some actions you should take to protect your rights:

  • If you have a fender bender take lots of pictures with your smart phone or device for documentation and date/time.
  • Exchange insurance and personal contact info with the other driver.
  • If there are witnesses ask for their perspective, and get contact information.
  • Try to draft a written account of the accident that you and the other driver are willing to sign.  At the very least, write down your own version of what happened.
  • If you have copies of the required DMV NV Traffic Accident Report file in your car, fill it out on scene.
  • That report is only for drivers in the LVMPD jurisdiction as of October 2014.
  • File your report quickly with your nearest LVMPD station, or a DMV NV office.
  • If you’re driving a rental car, notify the rental agency immediately – sometimes they will dispatch personnel to the scene to write a report.

It’s against the law for an involved driver to withhold personal and insurance information. If this occurs, call the police and ask them to send an officer.

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Kari J. Hanratty, Esq.