Our Aggressive Las Vegas Dog Bite Lawyers Bite Back!

Dog owners and those owners of inherently dangerous animals are responsible for the animals actions including those that result in a bite or an attack. However, those injured by such a bite or attack must be able to prove the owner of the animal has a duty to the public and that the owner breached that duty and the bite/attack occurred as a result.

Can I Get Compensation for Unprovoked Animal Bites and Attacks?

Often times animal bites and attacks are unprovoked and occur without warning. Notwithstanding this, those unprovoked bites/attacks are successful in obtaining compensation for their injuries and medical treatment along with pain and suffering due to such an attack.

The Attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are skilled at addressing the many issues that are involved in dog bite/attack claims. Hanratty Law Group is diligent in researching and investigating the animal’s history of violence or past aggression to properly document the dangerous tendencies of the animal in question and the owner’s knowledge of such dangerous tendencies.

Serious Dog Bite and Animal Attack Cases Need Serious and Aggressive Las Vegas Lawyers

Serious animal bite/attack victims can experience serious injuries that can include lacerations, head trauma, eye injuries, disfigurement, infections and mild to serious scarring. These scarring injuries often times require months of therapy and ultimately plastic surgery to treat.

Hanratty Law Group will diligently work to provide you the strongest, most aggressive and best representation available and our firm strives to help injured people obtain maximum compensation and adequate medical coverage for the injuries sustained.

Often times in serious attack cases, residual scarring from the bite/attack remains as a constant reminder of the traumatic events of the attack. The innocent victim will often suffer from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder including but not limited to nightmares, anxiety, sleeplessness and cold sweats and other psychiatric disorders for years after an animal attack or dog bite.

The lawyers at Hanratty Law Group also work with medical, psychological and economic experts to see that the jury or insurance company understands the full value of your claim. If any member of your family has been attacked by a dog or dangerous animal, it is imperative that you seek the counsel of Hanratty Law Group as soon as possible to assure that your case is strong and that you are protected.