Premises Liability / Slip and Fall Injuries

Under Nevada Law, property owners are responsible for maintaining and securing their property in a reasonably safe condition. When a property owner fails to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition, the property owner is responsible for notifying occupants and persons on the property of any dangerous condition that exists.

Premises liability exists when a person is injured as a result of owner failing to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition or failing to properly notify occupants of a dangerous that exists on the property.

Slip and fall injuries often occur when a dangerous condition exists and the owner fails to fix the problem or when the property owner fails to warn others about the danger. Our attorney’s have had success at pursuing property owners for client’s injured as a result of the owner’s negligence.

Premises liability and slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall and/or trip and fall injuries are pursued under negligence/premises liability claims. The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are highly experienced in this area of law and have had numerous cases against property owners.

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group will provide you knowledgeable and educated assistance regarding your significant injuries such as back injuries, fractures, head trauma, neck injuries and other serious injuries in slip and fall accidents.

In addition, the attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are significantly experienced in litigating and representing individuals who have sustained injuries at Hotel/Casinos, Grocery Stores, Retail Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Fast Food Establishments, Strip Malls, and residential properties.

Premises liability and negligent security

Property owners, including hotels, casinos and apartment complexes are also responsible for providing a secure property for those visiting or living on the property. Negligent security measures can result in assaults that should be avoided provided the property owner had adequate security. In addition, the failure of the property owner to have and maintain adequate lighting, performing background checks on security personnel, working security cameras, effective locks and other measures can be used to protect the safety of guests and occupants and will provide evidence that the property owner was negligent for any such injuries caused to you. When these safety measures are overlooked, innocent people, such as yourself, can be injured.

What to do if you are involved in an accident

  • Check to ensure the drivers/passengers/pedestrians are not injured.
  • Call 911 for emergency medical attention or 311 for non-medical police assistance.
  • If medical treatment/assistance is necessary, immediately have yourself or any injured party transported to the nearest hospital by local ambulance or other fire department.
  • If you do not require immediate medical treatment/assistance, REMAIN AT THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT and DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL POLICE HAVE ARRIVED as you may be cited for leaving the scene of an accident if you are at fault.
  • Gather the OTHER party/driver’s information including insurance information.
  • If you are injured, call the personal injury attorneys at Hanratty Law Group in Las Vegas, Nevada for a free confidential consultation. 702-998-1515