Truck Accidents

Interstate I-15, State Route I-215, State Route US 95 and other Nevada traffic ways are under enormous stress due to the volume of commercial traffic that crosses these highways on a daily basis. In addition, the mere volume of tractor trailer traffic on these roadways does not allow tractor trailer drivers to properly negotiate traffic as required by the traffic laws.

Due to the massive amount of traffic on these roadways, tractor trailer accidents, semis, 18 wheelers and passenger vehicles are becoming more common place.

More often than not, those drivers involved is such accidents suffer severe life altering injuries that are often permanent, often disabling and sometimes fatal.

Contact Hanratty Law Group before discussing the case with anyone including the insurance company

Accidents involving tractor trailers, semis, and 18 wheelers often involve serious and catastrophic injuries and more often than not involve multiple levels of insurance that are not easy to negotiate without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

If any family member or relative has been seriously injured or even killed in an accident with a tractor trailer, semi, and 18 wheeler, Hanratty Law Group can help you obtain the maximum recovery for you pain, suffering and loss.

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group are prepared to handle a wide range of accidents including tractor trailer accidents, semi accidents, casino vehicle accidents, shuttle bus accidents, CAT Bus Accidents, garbage truck accidents, delivery truck accidents, and 18 wheeler accidents.